Combine Free Shipping and Reg Items in the same cart

You have a flat rate shipping charge for all items in the contiguous United States but you also want to offer free shipping on select items. The confusion arises when the customer combine free shipping and flat rate shipping items together in the cart – naturally, the whole cart can’t be free shipping!

Through the use of an attribute and shopping cart price rules, this can be accomplished very easily.

Here are the steps –

  1. If you don’t already have an item attribute for free-shipping, add one – lets call it “free shipping” with a “yes/no” type .. default to “no” and then switch it to “yes” for those items you want to offer free shipping.
  2. Go to “Shopping Cart Price Rules” and add the following conditions:
  3. If ALL of these conditions are TRUE :If an item is FOUND in the cart with ALL of these conditions true:
    Free Shipping is Yes

    Shipping State/Province is not Alaska
    Shipping State/Province is not Hawaii
    Shipping State/Province is not Puerto Rico
    If an item is NOT FOUND in the cart with ALL of these conditions true:
    Free Shipping is not Yes

  4. Then in “actions”, add the following:

Update prices using the following information

Discount Amount *0
Maximum Qty Discount is Applied  0
Discount Qty Step (Buy X) 0
Apply to Shipping Amount Free Shipping

Stop Further Rules Processing

Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (leave blank for all items)If ALL of these conditions are TRUE :

There, all done !!

Through the use of simple logic, what the rule is doing is:

  • One free shipping item – charge zero for shipping
  • One regular item – flat rate shipping amount applied
  • One Free and One Reg item – Flat rate amount supercedes free amount

The example above assumes flat rate shipping for contiguous USA – you can adjust the rules for your own specific example.


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