Remove the default page footer links

The original installation of Magento comes with standard links at the bottom of every page – links such as ‘Site Map’, ‘Search Terms’, ‘Advanced Search’, ‘Orders and Returns’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘RSS’ and a store switcher.

If you want to add additional links or change the format (ie columns etc) of the links, the easiest way is to remove the ‘canned’ links and rebuild a new structure in the page footer.

In researching how to remove these, I found every solution imaginable from setting the visibility of the ‘links’ class to disabling the various functions – none of them was appropriate for what I needed.

The easiest, quickest, and simplest method was to go into your local.xml file and remove them there.

OPEN: app/design/frontend/DEFAULT/YOURTHEME/layout/local.xml and add the following section based on your requirements:

Locate the footer block inside the reference block –

<reference name="footer">

<block type="cms/block" name="page_footer_block" before="-">
<action method="setBlockId"><block_id>page_footer_block</block_id></action>
<!-- remove the language and store switcher and footer links blocks where necessary -->
<remove name="store_language" />
<remove name="store_switcher"/>
<remove name="footer_links" />



Refresh your cache (Configuration, layouts & html) and the standard links will have disappeared!

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