Change the Google Sitemap Cron Run Frequency

I noticed an issue with the Google Sitemap Cron run frequency when going into system -> configuration -> Google Sitemap.

It was set to run at 4:00 AM weekly bit it was actually running at 4:00 AM every day. While it’s not a big deal – ┬áif you don’t have a lot of product changes, there’s no sense in adding the extra processing.

I actually wanted it to run at 4:00 AM every Tuesday but no matter what I changed in the configuration (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) the only section that would change was the time.

So, the easiest way to correct it, given that it’s not something that changes very often was to use phpmyadmin and go directly to the core_config_data table.

Find the entry with the path of:
(The config_id will vary, so just use the path)

The value had an entry of “0 4 * * *” – in cron terms that means 4:00 AM every day – so by simply changing the value to “0 4 * * 2” and refreshing the cache, the google sitemap generates every Tues at 4:00 AM.

You can modify your own values here, using standard cron notation and bypass what seems to be an issue with updating the full scheduling in the configuration section of admin.


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