Monthly Archive:: April 2014

Show the shopping cart sidebar only if it has items

Usually the shopping cart sidebar by default always shows up, even if there aren’t any items in it. This is taking up valuable real estate that isn’t any value to your customer. A few lines of code will change the display so that it only appears when the customer has items in their cart. OPEN:

Create a ‘Free Shipping’ Image Overlay

This post is for creating a ‘free shipping’ image overlay in the product list pages but the same methods would apply to any other callouts you’d find appropriate, such as ‘reduced’, ‘sale’, ‘special’, ‘new’. It’s all determined by what attributes you use and how they’re set. (This assumes you have an attribute called ‘free_shipping’ and

Redirect CMS ‘home’ page to site’s main page

You may have noticed in your Google webmaster tools that there are duplicate home pages – one is and the other is simply To avoid the duplicate pages, a simple redirect via the url-rewrite method is all that’s needed to avoid this duplicate content. By default, Magento’s main page is called ‘home’, so