Monthly Archive:: January 2014

Change the Google Sitemap Cron Run Frequency

I noticed an issue with the Google Sitemap Cron run frequency when going into system -> configuration -> Google Sitemap. It was set to run at 4:00 AM weekly bit it was actually running at 4:00 AM every day. While it’s not a big deal – ┬áif you don’t have a lot of product changes,

Product attributes showing “N/A”

In the product attributes section of the product view page (aka additional information) you may have attributes that are intentionally blank or empty. Instead of not showing that particular attribute, Magento will sometimes display “N/A” or “NO” in the data field.

Display the full breadcrumb path on product page

Magento’s product page doesn’t always display the full breadcrumb path on the product page (for example, it may be missing the category trail). Here’s a simple modification to remedy it.