Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Add Qty or message to Availability: In Stock

In the product view page, there are 2 availability messages – In Stock and Out of Stock. Additional information such as qty on hand or shipping times would also be helpful to your customers.

Make the email shipment tracking number a clickable link

You’ve probably noticed that when the emails for shipments are sent, the tracking number is included. Unfortunately though, it’s just plain text and isn’t a clickable link to actually track the shipment. The customer has to copy and paste and then go to the USPS, UPS, FEDEX or DHL site to get the tracking information

Set the starting number for orders, invoices etc

There are times that you need to reset or change the starting number for orders, invoices, shipments, quotes or credit memos. A simple way to do this is to go into phpmyadmin (or similar tool) and edit the eav_entity_store table:

Add a page number to category pages meta title

If you’ve used Google’s Webmaster tools, you may have noticed there are times that categories with multiple pages show up as ‘duplicate title’ in the HTML improvements section. By adding a ‘Page ##’ in the meta title, you can avoid this warning and also make it easier for your page viewers to navigate where they

Add NOINDEX,FOLLOW to layered navigation pages

In an earlier post we described a technique to add ‘rel=nofollow’ to all the layered navigation links on the category pages (it’s really just duplicate content of the category pages) and will save server resources by not having the robots fetch all those layer navigation pages. Another method that will tell the search engines not to

sales_flat_quote and others are getting huge

If you’ve had your Magento site up and running for a while, or have been doing extensive testing, you may have noticed that the sales_flat_quote files are growing in size. Log cleaning doesn’t appear to clean up old quotes. There’s a solution available for download at Aoe Quote Cleaner Once you download the files, ftp the

Create an order in admin with free payment method

As you’re probably aware, if you use PayPal as your payment processor, you can’t create a new order in the backend (admin) and process a payment. You’ll notice that you get all the way through the order but there’s no payment method available and therefore the error message appears “payment method required” There’s a workaround

500 Internal server error after performing backup

You may run into this issue after you’ve perform a system file or database backup using the Magento Backup tools. Admin -> System -> Configure -> Tools -> Backup You go to your site and get the dreaded “500 Internal Server error” and nothing will load. It’s probably due to file permissions issues – somehow