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Combine Free Shipping and Reg Items in the same cart

You have a flat rate shipping charge for all items in the contiguous United States but you also want to offer free shipping on select items. The confusion arises when the customer combine free shipping and flat rate shipping items together in the cart – naturally, the whole cart can’t be free shipping! Through the

sales_flat_quote and others are getting huge

If you’ve had your Magento site up and running for a while, or have been doing extensive testing, you may have noticed that the sales_flat_quote files are growing in size. Log cleaning doesn’t appear to clean up old quotes. There’s a solution available for download at Aoe Quote Cleaner Once you download the files, ftp the

Deleting old, unused product images

If you run a site that has a lot of products or you make changes to images frequently,  over time your directories will be cluttered with old, unused images that are just taking up space. Luckily, Magento Connect has an extension called “Image Clean” that I would highly recommend installing. It was one of the

Check out MAGMI if you do any imports

One tool that I’ve found absolutely essential if you do any type of bulk importing or updating is MAGMI. It’s not a Magento extension but rather an independent database client that can import/update with incredible speed. Here’s the description from the MAGMI website: