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Scroll Bar on Admin Products Grid

The current scroll bar at the bottom in the admin products grid is cumbersome to use if your trying to review products with certain attributes that are on the far right and far left. I was trying to find a way to add a top scroll bar but no luck, so the next best alternative

ReCreate Foreign Keys in a shared host

I had noticed that every now and then it looked like some foreign key constraints were missing, so I did a comparison to a v1.7 fresh install to determine which tables had missing foreign key constraints. Doing some research, I located a great script that does all the work. The script can be located here (Charles

catalog_product_flat_1 has wrong url_path

While reviewing the google merchant center dashboard, I’d notice every now and then that there would be errors listed as ‘wrong url’.  At first, there were only a few skus, so I simply ignored the issue until each week there’d be more and more skus listed. Doing some research into it, the google feed file

Create an order in admin with free payment method

As you’re probably aware, if you use PayPal as your payment processor, you can’t create a new order in the backend (admin) and process a payment. You’ll notice that you get all the way through the order but there’s no payment method available and therefore the error message appears “payment method required” There’s a workaround

Add a product link in admin order view

Many times it would be convenient to be able to quickly check a product on the frontend while we’re viewing the order detail in the backend order view. There are many ways to accomplish this, such as adding new columns to the order item grid etc but here’s a quick and simple way to accomplish

Display total weight in admin view order

There are times when you may want to see the total order weight for determining best shipping method etc. To display  “total order weight xx Lbs” under the “Placed from IP” line in the order information block, make the following change:

Display order status on dashboard order listing

When you go into the Magento dashboard and view your store summary information, one of the blocks is the “last 5 orders” listing that shows the customer, items, and grand total. It would be nice to quickly see the status of each of those orders, so lets add a ‘status’ (ie processing, complete etc) column

Stop sending new account email

In the system configuration there are options and templates for various sales emails but there wasn’t one to stop the actual SENDING of the new account email. Here’s a way to stop sending the welcome email to your new customer.