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Random Image/Text Rotator in CMS Block

Here’s a simple way to add a random image/text rotator in a CMS block – no php or template required – pure javascript! I was looking for a way to add random (or specific) informationĀ to our customers as they browse the site. I needed (1) specific system message for things like order delays, system issues

Guest Print Order on Checkout Success

Magento doesn’t allow guests to print their order on the checkout success page for security reasons but there’s a solution that doesn’t require any installation of extensions – simply modify one template. OPTIONAL: Before we start, we’re going to be modifying the checkout success template which can be tricky because you’ve got to create a

Expand/Collapse Layered Navigation Categories

If your site has a lot of categories and/or sub-categories, your layered navigation “Shopping Options” block can get pretty large. An option is to make each category collapse or expand thereby saving valuable real estate on your page. The method is pretty straight-forword. 1. Copy/Backup app/design/frontend/default/YOURTHEME/template/catalog/layer/view.phtml 2. In your new copy, make the following changes

Multi-Column Responsive All-Brands CMS Page

Here’s a simple method to create a separate CMS page that lists all brands and/or manufacturers (uses the manufacturer attribute). Instead of using the advanced search page (which uses the attribute code instead of name) that doesn’t have a dynamic page title, this method uses the regular search page which displays the manufacturer name in

Google Structured Data – Quick and Easy

I was trying to find a simple, quick and easy way to add Google Structured Data (Rich Snippets) to the product pages without modifying tons of templates etc. The method below will get you up and running by adding a blockĀ of code at the end of one template – total time to make the change

Show the shopping cart sidebar only if it has items

Usually the shopping cart sidebar by default always shows up, even if there aren’t any items in it. This is taking up valuable real estate that isn’t any value to your customer. A few lines of code will change the display so that it only appears when the customer has items in their cart. OPEN:

Create a ‘Free Shipping’ Image Overlay

This post is for creating a ‘free shipping’ image overlay in the product list pages but the same methods would apply to any other callouts you’d find appropriate, such as ‘reduced’, ‘sale’, ‘special’, ‘new’. It’s all determined by what attributes you use and how they’re set. (This assumes you have an attribute called ‘free_shipping’ and

Redirect CMS ‘home’ page to site’s main page

You may have noticed in your Google webmaster tools that there are duplicate home pages – one is and the other is simply To avoid the duplicate pages, a simple redirect via the url-rewrite method is all that’s needed to avoid this duplicate content. By default, Magento’s main page is called ‘home’, so

Convert an attribute to a link

In the “additional information” section of the product view page, I had removed the “N/A” attributes (see post) but then I decided that it would be nice to have a few of the additional attributes such as manufacturer and classification as links to the product search page to help customers search. The change is pretty

Remove Search Auto Complete

I’ve never been a big fan of the search auto complete because it usually produces inaccurate results and sometimes leads the user to click on a suggested term that may not be exactly what they were looking for. Commenting out one single line in your template is all that’s needed to remove the functionality. OPEN: